Creative Background

I was born in the former East of Germany.

My career started in literature by being selected and honoured to study at the Deutsches Literaturinstitut/ DLL in Leipzig, the only college for poets and authors in the German speaking regent.

 Between 1990-1996 I was involved in public readings across Germany and my work was published nation wide. I produced and published two art collector books under my own label Deja-vue in 1993 and 1996, one of which can be found in the collection of the Schiller-National-museum in Marbach am Neckar/Germany.

 ...while working in various jobs, as qualified bookbinder and with years of working experience in a print office (after a short career as actress in a theatre) I began working with combinations of word, images and photography and got involved with fashion, styling and Art-direction in London, while embracing my full poetic and story telling potential. I am working as a freelancer in Photography, Graphic design and Language.

In 1996 I studied art and photography at The Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig/Germany and Mixed Media at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London/UK in 2000 and later at St.Martins College of Art to complete courses in art fashion styling and Art direction.

During my career as visual artist, I was the iniciator and director of many creative Art-fashion photography projects and was also involved in various art and performance projects and exhibitions in Germany, England and across Europe.